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We have been providing financial advice since 1989. We provide financial coaching to legal practitioners, senior executives and small business owners.

Our unique process called more4life helps you realise your goals and objectives, by taking a comprehensive view of your life – from your money to your family and everything in between. To find out more about each element of this unique process, click on the links below:

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Having enough money for your wants and needs gives you choice..

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Leisure is more than rest and recuperation, it is also about rejuvenation.

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Health and fitness are not assets that you can put in the bank, but both..

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Your business should work for you. You should not be a slave to it.

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For most of us, family is probably the most important element..

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More4Life provides financial advice, financial coaching and financial planning services in Sydney, including Manly, North Sydney, Parramatta, Chatswood, Hornsby, Castle Hill, Bondi, Cremorne and Balmain.

More4Life Financial Services can empower you to stay in charge of your life. Effective financial planning will spare you from the inconveniences that may arise..


My brothers and I lost our dad a year and a half ago and as the executor at only 22, I was having a very hard time managing and communicating with the life insurance company – I was getting absolutely no answers regarding when we should receive the money or what the delay was, even 6 months after their policies said it should be complete. At one stage they even told me it was likely to be denied.

A friend suggested I get in touch with James, and instantly he was able to make calls and speak to the right people, within days we had confirmation that the claim would not be denied, and reasons for the delays to date. Within a few weeks the claim was approved and paid.

Everything was confirmed in emails and forwarded to me, I couldn’t ask for more in such a quick and superb response, and in the communication of progress!

I realise of course that the work behind the scenes would not have been nearly as quick as what I saw, but I really was so impressed with the response you were able to get for us.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work over the last couple of years. Anything I wanted or needed; you were always so quick to help with. You have been amazing. You’re a great team!!

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube

Thanks James for the fantastic and dedicated work you have done in achieving my trauma and income protection insurance payout arising from my recent heart attack and heart surgery.

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JWP (as I like to refer to James) is a terrific adviser, clever and astute businessman, and explains complex financial products and concepts in easy to understand terms.

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James does not simply sell or advise on the best products.

As an existing client of over 25 years, I have found James to be wise in recommending the proper products at the most competitive price.

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What a fantastic summary on the current financial situation, and in particular how your businessMore4Life has managed to stand out from the industry in a positive light, helping your clients make good financial decisions for so many years.

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I was a fortunate neighbour to James for some years on and off where we became good friends.

In recent years he has taken hold of my “in very poor state” superannuation, Life and Trauma Insurance, income protection and all that stuff.

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Recently I found myself stuck in NZ longer than expected due to a snowboard injury.
Whilst I was in pain I didn’t think it was too serious until 24 hours later when I finally went to the medical centre.
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I would like to thank James and his team for their support in my time of need. Things got a little scary for me when I collapsed from a burst aneurysm inside my skull in late September Read full testimonial…

My first contact with James was when I had just commenced practice as a Barrister. The concept of going into business in my own right was a daunting one and I appreciated James’
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James has been our finance advisor for over 17 years. The service and personal attention we received from James has always been excellent.

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More4Life came into my life about two years ago on the recommendation of a good friend. Since then, the piece of mind that James and his team have brought me is immeasurable. Read full testimonial…

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