My Business

Your business should work for you. You should not be a slave to it.

One key issue for business success is to allow both you and your staff to focus on their strengths.

We use tools and concepts that Dan Sullivan from ‘The Strategic Coach’ originally developed to improve both your business’ profitability and your enjoyment of your time outside the business.

To improve the quality of your life we use tools such as:

  • The Entrepreneurs’ Time Concept
  • Ten Times Mind Expander
  • The Strategy Circle

Our Key Business Risk Tool helps you to identify risks relating to your business’ key personnel. It puts safeguards in place to stop potential disasters becoming catastrophes.


Ask yourself

  • How many weeks of leisure do I plan to have this year?
  • Do I get home from work in time to see my children?
  • When thinking about my work, do I ever feel that I am treading water and just don’t have enough time to complete the required tasks?



“My decision to leave Telstra after 35 years and embark on a new career, whilst exciting, presented us with concerns in areas in which we had little or no experience. You addressed those concerns in a truly professional and friendly manner and went well beyond what we expected in assisting us with the transition. Whereas we appreciate the amount of work you have put in on our behalf, you have made this just ‘too easy’.”
Dave and Sally Powell