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From time to time, our financial coaching team runs conferences and other events for our financial planning services clients and their friends and associates.


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We regularly have upcoming events – for example a conference featuring James, and a charity event to benefit people in East Timor.

You can find the current list of upcoming events on this page.

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2023 Wine Lunch


More4Life SurfAid, 2023 – What a day!


I wanted to share some exciting news with you – last Friday, More4Life participated in the SurfAid cup in Manly, and we had an incredible experience. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but we also made a positive difference in the world.

I am thrilled to inform you that our team came in 3rd place overall, which is quite an achievement considering we were up against some seasoned competitors. The day was filled with excitement and a little bit of drama, but we all took it in our stride and overcame the challenges that came our way.

In our first heat, we placed 3rd, which put us into the 2nd round. The top two teams advanced straight to the semifinals, and we were determined to join them. We coasted through the round, but unfortunately, our star surfer Winter injured his ankle while attempting a daring manoeuvre. Luckily, we were able to recruit Nick James from Manly Surf School, who did a fantastic job for us in the semifinals.

We initially thought we had missed the final, but luck was on our side. We came in 3rd place in the semifinals, and because we were the highest-placed 3rd place team, we secured a ticket to the final. By that time, two of our team members had already left, so we had to rally together to find replacements. We were fortunate to have Nick back for the final and also recruited Kaylan, who lives behind me in Freshwater.

I am delighted to share that we ultimately came in 3rd place overall, and in the process, we raised over $2,000. It was a remarkable achievement, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team riders: Winter, Ethan, Max, Lex, Nick, Kaylan, and of course, myself.

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you who supported us and helped us make a difference through this event. Your generosity is truly appreciated, and I am thrilled to see us coming together as a community to support causes that are important to us.

Thank you once again for being a part of the More4Life family and for your continuous support. Together, we can achieve great things and contribute to making the world a better place.

Leo Sayer
Brian Dolly, Alison Walker-Powell, Jackie Feledy and Leo Sayer.

The Christmas party is making a comeback

After two years of office upheaval created by lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, Christmas party season is once again in full swing. The annual More4Life Wine Lunch wonderfully hosted by Schroders Investment Management and Cox Wine Merchants on Friday the 2nd of December didn’t disappoint. Thank you, Tim Cox, Daniel, and Team!

It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with our clients in a relaxed setting, and to thank them for their support in 2022. Schroders reflected on the financial markets, and Tim entertained us with anecdotes about his Tumbarumba vineyard in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, grafting grape vines, how to choose a good rose, and the trials and tribulations of Airbnb.

We enjoyed excellent food and excellent wines!

But it didn’t end there, a few brave individuals joined patrons at the Pool Club for cocktails where they rubbed shoulders with Leo Sayer!

Tim Cox (Cox Wine Merchants), James Walker-Powell (More4Life) and Daniel Connell (Schroders).
SurfAid team photo - 11 Nov 2022
L to R – my son Jack Walker-Powell, Winter Vincent, Ethan Dodson,
James Walker-Powell & Christo Hall

More4Life supports SurfAid

Last Friday 11 November, More4Life took part in the annual SurfAid Cup at Manly beach. We raised just under $3,000 out of a combined total of $95,000.

I commandeered the best surfers for our team – my son Jack, his friends Winter Vincent and Ethan Dodson, and our pro surfer Christo Hall.

We came fourth overall out of 15 teams and are already psyched for next year when we’ll be back to compete and hopefully come out winners!

The boys did the More4Life brand proud – how good do they look in those t-shirts?

Thank you to those who donated to this great cause.


The main charity our firm supports is Project Lorosae in Railaco, East Timor run through the Jesuit Mission of Australia.


Lorosae means ‘sunrise’ in Tetun, the native language of the East Timorese. There are few roads, no postal services, little education and even less food for the East Timorese. We support three programs:

  • A meals program that provides pre-primary children with one nourishing meal per week.
  • A mobile medical clinic staffed by a nurse, two assistants and a driver. This service is particularly important given Timorese women have the highest birth rate in the world (averaging eight children each) and around 40% of those children are dead by the age of three. Dysentery, malaria, and poor nutrition are common.
  • Educational support – for example, paying teachers’ salaries, funding student scholarships, and working towards starting a primary school in Railaco Leten (it will be the only primary school in the area).

To find out more about Project Lorosae in Railaco, East Timor, please click here.

icon-news Update with what is happening in East Timor

Helping out those who need us most

I was contacted by our long-term client and master of the Vineyard Tim Cox to help out his son’s girlfriend with a life claim.

After well over 20 hours work talking to the insurer and super company, we got her father’s claim from a decline to a payout . The whole process took around 4 weeks .

I count this as a pro bono case as I did it without payment but really enjoyed both the process and the outcome and even better adding value to one of our cherished existing clients.

Araluen – testimonial


My brothers and I lost our dad a year and a half ago and as the executor at only 22, I was having a very hard time managing and communicating with the life insurance company – I was getting absolutely no answers regarding when we should receive the money or what the delay was, even 6 months after their policies said it should be complete. At one stage they even told me it was likely to be denied.

A friend suggested I get in touch with James, and instantly he was able to make calls and speak to the right people, within days we had confirmation that the claim would not be denied, and reasons for the delays to date. Within a few weeks the claim was approved and paid.

Everything was confirmed in emails and forwarded to me, I couldn’t ask for more in such a quick and superb response, and in the communication of progress!

I realise of course that the work behind the scenes would not have been nearly as quick as what I saw, but I really was so impressed with the response you were able to get for us.