Events & Charities

From time to time, our financial coaching team runs conferences and other events for our financial planning services clients and their friends and associates.


Upcoming events

We regularly have upcoming events – for example a conference featuring James, and a charity event to benefit people in East Timor.

You can find the current list of upcoming events on this page.


The main charity our firm supports is Project Lorosae in Railaco, East Timor run through the Jesuit Mission of Australia.


Lorosae means ‘sunrise’ in Tetun, the native language of the East Timorese. There are few roads, no postal services, little education and even less food for the East Timorese. We support three programs:

  • A meals program that provides pre-primary children with one nourishing meal per week.
  • A mobile medical clinic staffed by a nurse, two assistants and a driver. This service is particularly important given Timorese women have the highest birth rate in the world (averaging eight children each) and around 40% of those children are dead by the age of three. Dysentery, malaria, and poor nutrition are common.
  • Educational support – for example, paying teachers’ salaries, funding student scholarships, and working towards starting a primary school in Railaco Leten (it will be the only primary school in the area).

To find out more about Project Lorosae in Railaco, East Timor, please click here.

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