My Health

myhealthHealth and fitness are not assets that you can put in the bank, but both affect your quality of life. Mental and physical health are two major keys to success.

Have you ever noticed that happy people are healthier people?!

It is true that money cannot buy you happiness, but the personal freedom that money provides plays a large role in your well-being. Living beyond your means and a high debt level stresses you. We can help.

We can provide tools such as the Cash Flow Mirror and the Cash Flow Minder.

We use them to develop a realistic view of your existing resources and help you come up with excess cash for investment and/or to pay down non-deductible debt, thus eliminating those destructive factors. By removing these dangers we will help to boost your health and happiness.



  • How would my life change if I had no money worries at all.
  • What do I consider to be my ideal weight?
  • If I had more time on my hands would my exercise pattern change?
  • Would being more healthy and fit increase my productivity and enjoyment at work?



“I am a small business owner and have been associated with James for 15 years. During this time the service and advice given me in insurance matters and investment strategy has been an enormous help. His experience in dealing with a varied range of businesses gives him the unique position of passing on this knowledge in strategy to his wide range of clients. I recommend James to any client looking for sound and confidential growth strategy.”
Robert Loftus Director, Vergate P/L


“The First Wealth is Health.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson