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Savings Investment Calculator

Provides how your money will grow using compound interest, regular deposits and hitting a pre-defined savings target.

Debt Reduction Calculator

Shows how long it will take to pay off any loan and remaining debt in a 1,2,3,5 and 10-year period using monthly repayments and different interest rates.

Tax Calculator

Shows gross income, tax on that income and take-home pay in either a yearly, quarterly, monthly fortnightly or weekly period.

Investor Preference Calculator

Will show you if you are a Passive or Active investor. It also outlines the emotional biases that you should be aware of when investing.

Separation Settlement Calculator

Gives you a general idea of what you will be entitled to in a divorce settlement.

ASIC Retirement Simulator

Provides a snapshot of how much income you can expect to receive from a combination of your partner, your super and the aged pension.

Portfolio Simulator

Shows what type of investment return together with the portfolio’s volatility using one and two standard deviations. This calculator is password protected, if you wish to view, please contact our office on 9939-0702.

Human/Financial Capital

Calculates how much you will potentially earn and save throughout your working life and the cross over between the two.

Equivalent Work Hours To Achieve Goal

Shows the extra cost between saving for a goal and borrowing then paying it back. It then looks at how many extra hours it will take to pay off the loan rather than save.

Budget Calculator

Takes into account your after-tax income then details all expenses you may incur, giving you an idea of how much you can save.

Retirement Income Builder | Vanguard Australia

This is similar to the ASIC calculator but more comprehensive, taking into account assets outside as well as inside superannuation and various risk profiles and differing returns with these profiles.