Andrew K – Sydney

Andrew K – Sydney

James does not simply sell or advise on the best products.

As an existing client of over 25 years, I have found James to be wise in recommending the proper products at the most competitive price.

The outstanding feature of james’ great success is that, for example, in times of need or sickness, he steps up as the client’s advocate to the insurers for sickness and accident insurance to ensure the insurance he sold you years ago, and you said you did not need, is there to pay you every month.

In addition, he becomes a member of your family to protect you from any issue that may arise and cares for each individual clients’ needs and welfare.

James becomes a loyal friend, and not and adviser, to all his clients.

James is a wonderful, caring and considerate man and adviser who puts clients first and his pocket and fees way down the list of priorities.

Well done James !