Andrew Braund

Andrew Braund

Recently I found myself stuck in NZ longer than expected due to a snowboard injury.
Whilst I was in pain I didn’t think it was too serious until 24 hours later when I finally went to the medical centre.

It was fortunate that I did as I had several broken ribs a fractured collar bone and a collapsed lung which can be very dangerous to fly with.

My immediate thought was what not only about my family but what this might cost in extra expenses and lost income through work as I am the principle of a sme operating in financial services.

My concerns were well founded on the travel insurance side as I thought I was covered by purchasing the ticket on Amex cc. Don’t fall for this trap as on my card this didn’t include illness and injury only cancelled flights and lost luggage.

So my 4 night trip turned into 16 nights including 6 nights in 2 different hospitals and 2 ambulance rides including a 3 hour transfer. Thankfully the NZ Accident Compensation Scheme covered all the hospital and ambulance costs and I was only out of pocked for additional acomm and living expenses once out of hospital.

When I finally returned to work almost a month later I had a stack of unpaid bills including Zurich Income Protection and Life insurance.

I spoke to James and he alerted me that I would be able to claim under trauma/income protection or at least under the hospitalisation clause.
The claims sat on my desk for several months as I didn’t think the effort of completing the usual pages and pages of questions was worth the $2k it was suggested I may receive.
Anyway James and in particular Jill persevered and with their diligence and assistance I finally submitted the claim.
I was even told there was a possibility of a higher amount and if accepted I would be paid the higher of the 2 amounts which I thought unusual for an insurer.

I have to say well done More 4 Life and Zurich as once the claim was submitted I was told 24hs later I was eligible for $12.5k ie 1.5 months income protection due to a specified injury ie the fractured collar bone.

Thanks Again
Andrew B