My Money

mymoneyHaving enough money for your wants and needs gives you choice, autonomy and the knowledge that you no longer have to worry about it. Ultimately, My Money aims to help you accumulate enough independent wealth so you only need to work if you choose to.

Most people think that money provides them with security, freedom or prestige, but have only a vague idea how much they need or would like to have eg $10 million in the bank.


Dollars of Dignity

One of the tools we use to find out how much money is enough for you is called Dollars of Dignity. By breaking up all the areas of your life that need money and putting a dollar figure on each one, we can see how much you need to fund your desired lifestyle now and in the future.

Through our unique process we not only work out how many Dollars of Dignity you require but put in place a plan of action to accumulate that wealth.

We achieve this by:

  • taking into account your propensity to risk;
  • structuring your investments in the most tax-efficient manner; and
  • minimising your non-deductible debt.


Ask yourself

  • When do I think I’ll be financially independent?
  • How much of a capital lump sum do I need to be financially independent now and in the future?
  • Am I making the most of my current resources to achieve financial independence?



“By the way, that was a lovely note from your client. In case I have not said this in the past, or if I have not put it in writing, I, too, am thankful that I listened to advice in the past about obtaining trauma insurance. So often people think that death or permanent disability is sufficient, but, as I have found out, trauma is just as devastating if not as permanent. Trauma insurance means that the edge is taken off the concerns about how everything is going to pan out. I am not sure if I told you this, but when I was speaking with my doctor about signing the forms, she told me that she could always tell the patients who had something like this in place – they were often the more calm in the waiting room. Those who had the added money worries were very often more anxious, and their treatment had the added complication of dealing with that anxiety.”

Maree Jackson
Insurance Claimant