More4Life – Its Beginning, Its History…January 2016

01 Jan

More4Life – Its Beginning, Its History…January 2016

When I was a young boy, a friend’s father revealed to me a secret about money which has stayed with me until now: “It’s not about how much money you earn but what you do with it that matters.”

It was a startling revelation to a kid who had grown up in a home that seemed never to have enough money. My parents separated early on in my childhood and I remember a lot of anxiety in my home life due to a lack of money.

A fear of living life always lacking money was something I was determined to change when I had the chance. Life should be about more than worrying over money, right?

When my mother passed away at the early age of 57, the old adage “life is too short” really struck me. I quickly realised my teachers pay cheque of $23,500 was not going to let me achieve my goals or give me the work/life balance I craved.

Growing up, and to this day, I have always been a keen observer of successful and happy people. Again and again, I have found happiness comes from achieving a balanced lifestyle. So in 1989, I made my move and swapped my early career for one as a life insurance/superannuation agent.

Being an agent for an insurance company and a proper authority holder of various dealer groups was a useful start in dealing with client’s retirement and insurance needs. However, I felt there was something missing in what I was doing. I longed for the independence to truly give unprejudiced advice, gain access to unlimited investment solutions and offer a process that focused on clients’ goals and their complete needs, not just their life insurance and superannuation needs.

To do this, I needed to take two major steps:

Create a process that looked at a holistic lifestyle approach that could easily be followed by my clients.

Extract ourselves from a large licensee and obtain our own license.

After designing a holistic model around our largest client needs and obtaining our own license, More4life was born.

Since that day, we have been able to give our clients three important things: unprejudiced advice on aspects such as retirement; how to obtain a better quality of life AND peace of mind, something a lot of us strive for.