Railaco Centre

Medical Clinic – School – Parish Centre – Church

  • 40 km south of Dili – means 50 min drive
  • Within district of Ermera – Railaco is a subdistrict
    • Capital = Glenio
    • 746 sq km
    • 53 Sukus (Centres)
    • 103,000 people (50% men and women)
    • Dependant on Agriculture
    • Coffee is main source of income (sold at $1 per kilo)
    • Language most spoken – Tetum
Railaco Centre
Railaco Centre

Much cooler than Dili – 10deg at night – 35deg during day

  • Medical Clinic and Mobile Clinic
  • Feeding Program
  • Senior Secondary School
  • Medical + Church
  • Adjacent Primary School
  • Government Run
Location Map of Timor Charity

Railaco – August 2005

Railaco Today

Feeding Program

The feeding program will provide morning feed for primary school children in adjacent Government run school. 100 Children will be fed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be assisted by local mothers who will be paid a nominal amount each week. The idea being to provide nutritional supplements and to build a sustainable program. The feeding program began in October 2005.

Feeding Program
Railaco from the main street

Mobile Medical Clinic

The local staff of the mobile clinic are being further trained to become self sufficient and capable of providing treatment.

One of the staff treating a villager – Keeping records of medical history, weight, etc. The locals pay a nominal fee to attend the mobile clinic in the hope that it will engender a sense of ownership by the locals.

The staff of the mobile clinic visit a number of Sucos (villages) by 4WD and treat local people with basic medication. An invaluable service for the locals who otherwise receive next to no treatment. The Map below shows locations and distances to the villages from the Railaco headquarters.

The mobile clinic heads off from headquarters – Another second hand 4WD has subsequently been acquired.

Mobile Medical Clinic Visits the Prison. 31 prisoners with 40 guards – Jesuits visit for masses and medical – attention of the prisoners – This is one of three prisons in all of East Timor – Prisoners sleep on thin mats on concrete floors.

Local People

Having fun together
At the fence
At the fence
Want to know a secret?
Kid having fun in box
In the shade
The 5am alarm clock
A quiet moment
Looking cute