My Leisure

Leisure is more than rest and recuperation, it is also about rejuvenation. The end result is that you think more creatively.

Participating in leisure activities that you are passionate about helps revitalise you and can provide valuable networking opportunities with like-minded people – and this can lead to rewarding business relationships.

The associations you form are to a large extent the single most important factor of success.



  • How much more productive was I in the week following my last holiday?
  • How many key business contacts have I made in the last year as a result of leisure activities?
  • How many of my most profitable clients share my leisure activities?
  • How much social conversation concerns my leisure activities?



before-after-gary-batcheldor“Thank you more4life. Part of your services includes setting goals. One of mine was to reduce weight and become an active runner again.

I have gone from 101kg down to 83kg in 12 months, thanks to a goal you helped me set. I am now running 8km twice a week after a 14 month layoff from running.”
Garry Batcheldor
Financially independent client


“Increased means and increased leisure are the two civilizers of man”
Benjamin Disraeli