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We have been providing financial advice since 1989. We provide financial coaching to legal practitioners, senior executives and small business owners. 

Our unique process called more4life helps you realise your goals and objectives, by taking a holistic view of your life – from your money to your family and everything in between. To find out more about each element of this unique process, click on the links below:


How can you achieve financial freedom as well as balance in  the other areas of your life?

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Over last the five years our personal superannuation funds, combined with James' investment advice, have consistently produced returns equal to or better than the top performing retail and industry funds ... MLFS

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In 2001, I was caught up in one of Telstra's reorganisations and had the option of leaving with a redundancy package or moving into a joint venture company. Several colleagues were in the same situation ... MLFS

More Testimonials about More4Life Financial Services


I would like to thank James and his team for their support in my time of need. Things got a little scary for me when I collapsed from a burst aneurysm inside my skull in late September 2015. Doctors advised me that I would be in the ... MLFS

More Testimonials about More4Life Financial Services